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Dear Life,

It's time that we sat down together and really had a heart to heart.  I've put this off for too long already and it's time we really cleared the air between us.  I've let it go this long for you know... the whole consciousness and existing thing, plus the pretty awesome shit that goes along with it, but you have passed a line.

I didn't bitch too much about your little joke. "Oh hey, let's make Parker a GIRL at birth!  That would be SO COOL."  I took it in stride.  All right, fine.  You wanna do that, I'll just handle it.  They have shit for that.  Noooo problem.

But, I mean really.  Seriously?  Is that how we're going to go now?

Subjecting people I care about to the asshats of the world, and really pulling the rug out from under them?  I could get the list if you like.  Illness, (being sick way too much when I can't do anything to fuss, thanks).  Dickheads(that are nameless so I can't even track them down to give them a piece of my mind).  Undiagnosed problems (so I can only be a sort of generic supportive-) not to mention flashbacks, flashforwards, triggering idiots, problems with THEIR friends or SOs..

You get my point, you sick freak.

I'm here to tell you to fucking stop it.  I won't tolerate it any further.  Shit all you want on me but Jesus, have some decency and leave my friends out of it.

Glad we had this chat.

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